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Tim Mander MP: A Dedicated Representative for Everton

Tim Mander has proudly served as the State Member for Everton since 2012. He is a dynamic leader with a rich background in both public service and business.

His current role is Shadow Minister for Housing and Public Works, Shadow Minister for Sports and Racing and Shadow Minister for Olympic and Paralympic Sport and Regional Engagement.

About Tim

Born in Brisbane, he played Rugby League Football growing up and attended Mitchelton State High School.

He is a life-long resident of Brisbane's North West, having raised four children in the area and are now proud grandparents to seven grandchildren.

Prior to entering politics, Tim worked at National Rugby League and refereed over 300 National Rugby League grand finals. Through his 20-year career as a leading NRL referee, earning respect for being fair, even-handed and making accurate decisions under incredible pressure.

For the six years prior to being elected, Tim was the CEO of Australia's fastest growing youth and children's organisation, he has overseen the massive growth of the nationally acclaimed school chaplaincy program.

Tim Mander's approachable and personable demeanor has earned him the trust and respect of the Everton community. He regularly attends local events, actively listens to residents' concerns, and collaborates with community organizations.

About Everton District

The Everton district includes suburbs such as; Everton Hills, Everton Park, Albany Creek, Eatons Hills and takes in part of Gaythorne, Enoggera, Mitchelton, Keperra, Arana Hills, Warner, Brendale, McDowall, Bridgemen Downs and Bunya. The estimated population of this district is over 51,000 people.

Tim Mander's unwavering commitment to Everton is evident in his tireless efforts to improve the local infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of well-maintained roads, efficient public transportation, and access to essential services, he has consistently advocated for increased investment in Everton's infrastructure. Tim Mander's initiatives have led to significant improvements, creating a more connected and accessible community for residents and businesses alike.

His strategic planning, collaborative approach, and dedication to progress have contributed to the growth and development of the electorate. Under his guidance, Everton continues to evolve into a vibrant community that offers its residents a high quality of life, ample opportunities, and a strong sense of belonging.

In addition to his policy work, Tim Mander is renowned for his strong community engagement. He actively participates in local events, listens attentively to the concerns of residents, and collaborates with community organizations. By fostering open lines of communication and valuing community input, Tim Mander ensures that the voices of Everton residents are heard and their needs are addressed.

Get in Touch with Tim

Tim can help you with the following services: Health, Education, Law and Order, Emergency services, National parks, Land and water management, roads and rail transport, public housing and other state legislation.

Phone: 07 3535 1100
Email: everton@parliament.qld.gov.au
Web: https://www.timmander.com.au/c...

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