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Northshore Pet Resort - The pet care professionals

Northshore Pet Resort is a family owned and operated award winning business offering the highest standards of pet accommodation services in north Brisbane.

The sprawling facility boasts spacious, modern accommodations designed to cater to the unique needs of various animals, including dogs and cats. Paired with the large grassy areas and plenty of human contact, Northshore Pet Resort make your dog’s stay more like a holiday retreat than a boarding kennel.

Whether it's a short-term stay or an extended vacation, the resort ensures that each guest receives individual attention and personalised care throughout their stay.

The dedicated and highly trained staff at Northshore Pet Resort are true animal enthusiasts who treat every guest as if they were their own. They are well-versed in pet care, behavior management, and first aid, ensuring that each pet receives the utmost care and attention. From feeding and grooming to administering medications, the staff goes above and beyond to cater to the unique needs of each animal, providing pet owners with peace of mind while they are away.

Dog Accommodation

Northshore Pet Resort's dog accommodation facilities are bright and cheerful, with large comfy trampoline beds and the rooms well insulated to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature all year round. Music is played throughout the accommodation 24 hours a day. When booking a stay at Northshore Pet Resort you can choose from a number of accommodation options for your pooch to suit exactly what they would need. These options include:

  • Shared guest accommodation rooms
  • Solo rooms
  • Resort rooms
  • Deluxe suites

Cat Accommodation

Northshore Pet Resort cattery is bright and colourful with each room insulated for extra comfort. The rooms include comfy beds, for dozing all day, multiple levels to explore and individual hidey holes to curl up in for a long nap. Music is played all day and cats are provided scratching posts, and lots of human contact - just like at home.

Inclusions in your cat's stay include:

  • Airconditioned units, individually ventilated
  • 24 hour music – a tune or two to suit their every mood
  • Human company – lots of love while you’re away
  • Yummy Food - meals provided daily
  • Scratching poles – available to each and every guest
  • Customised packages to suit your pet needs

Doggie Day Care Services

Working long hours and have a furkid with lots of energy? Northshore Pet Resort run a Doggie Day Care program. Their doggie day care program gives your pet a chance to socialise with other friendly, active dogs who thrive on extra attention and learning the Resort routines.

Your dogs day in care would include a morning exercise session, lunch (if parents say it's ok), after lunch rest time, afternoon exercise session, and then a chill-out-time session before being collected by you.

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Phone: 07 3203 3332

Email: info@northshorepetresort.com.au

Website: https://www.northshorepetresor...

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