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The home of community news and lifestyle content for Moreton Bay

Moreton Daily is a local online news source that provides up to date community information and lifestyle content to the Moreton Bay Region. The publication aims to give a voice to the local community and ensure that everyone is well informed and up to date with what’s happening in the Moreton Bay Region.

The team at Moreton Daily have quickly established themselves as a source for trustworthy and accurate information. All content is brought to you by a team of experienced and dedicated journalists, who work to bring the community the most in-depth and up-to date news available. Moreton Daily thrives off community engagement. The team encourages readers to share their experiences and collaborate on news and events that will inform and interest the wider Moreton Bay community.

Dedicated Online News Platform

With a simple and user friendly website design it's easy and accessible for all users to navigate the site. The website is updated regularly and features current and upcoming events and information within the region. An exciting feature on Moreton Daily’s website, is the ability to sign up and get news delivered straight to your inbox. Just enter your email and you’ll be updated on all things in the Moreton Bay Region.

Moreton Daily relies heavily on it's large and active social media presence. They team utilise platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a wider audience and to create online community engagement. The benefits that Moreton Daily gain from social media platforms include the ability to share information on a wide scale, the capacity to engage with audiences in real-time and the transparency to see how audiences process and react to information as an online news source.

Supporting Moreton Bay

Promoting and advocating for the Moreton Bay Community is always a priority for the organisation. Moreton Daily continually supports local by promoting local businesses and services in their directory. The business directory provides a platform for businesses and community services to connect with potential customers and expand their audience. This is a valuable resource and is a great example of Moreton Daily’s commitment to supporting the local community.

Advertising opportunities

With their significant online platform and audience, Moreton Daily also offer advertising services. They offer a whole range of different advertising opportunities that can be shared on their platforms. Moreton Daily’s skilled team are available to collaborate with local businesses or organisations within the Moreton Bay Region to create meaningful content and help expand business reach.

For advertising opportunities get in touch with the team at Moreton Daily here: advertising@moretondaily.com.au

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