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Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten

Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten is an educational institution that provides an encouraging and supportive environment for children to grow, learn, and develop. Living Faith is a kindergarten in the Moreton Bay Region and is affiliated with Living Faith Lutheran Church, which serves as a resource and support system for the school.

All children will receive high-quality care at Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten in a secure, loving setting. Every child is considered to be God's special creation and a person He loves. The team work to foster students' intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth as well as to lay a solid foundation for their future academic achievement.

The team at Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten recognise the relevance of high-quality early childhood programmes in relation to kids' future academic and civic achievement, this is encouraged through:

  • Active play-based learning
  • Student-initiated inquiry
  • Problem-solving
  • Effective communication
  • Creativity
  • Positive social interactions

Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten in the Moreton Bay Region aims to foster an opening and welcome environment where all families and children feel included and accepted throughout their early childhood learnings.

Environmental Responsibility

The Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten is dedicated to protecting the environment and ensuring that our kids have a sustainable future.

As educators, it is crucial to teach kids the importance of conserving and caring for the environment. The team at Living Faith constantly encourage kids to care for the environment and treat it with respect. Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten utilise water tanks, compost pile, worm farm, recycling, reusing, water conservation, and energy efficiency methods to adopt sustainable practises in the kindergarten.

To make sure sustainability is incorporated into the programme, the Little Green Steps project has been developed. It gives all kids, teachers, families, and the community the motivation and strength to start something new, make improvements, and attain sustainability.

About the educators

The Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten is lucky to have long-term devoted educators who hold a variety of early childhood credentials. All Early childhood educators all hold bachelor's degrees in the subject. Other instructors hold either a Certificate III in Children’s Services or a Diploma of Children’s Services.

The team at Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten are happy to welcome volunteers and students on certain occasions. Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten collaborate with Universities, TAFEs, and schools to host students taking part in early education programs in relation to Early Childhood Education.

Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines serve as the foundation for the education program at Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten. The team encourage kids to learn through play, fun, independence, and companionship. It is critical that kids have the chance to encourage the growth of self-esteem, creativity, and individuality at their own speed.

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