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Advance your Pipeline Projects with Pipeline Supplies and Hire (PSAH)

Introducing Pipeline Supplies and Hire (PSAH), your local experts in engineering, drone services, and pipeline supplies and solutions.

Based in Clontarf, Moreton Bay, PSAH is a trusted leader in the pipeline and civil construction industry. With services ranging from Engineering and Drone Services, to Training and Recruitment, the team at PSAH are committed to providing comprehensive services to meet all client project needs.

McElroy Equipment Sales and Hire

As a certified McElroy distributor, PSAH is your first stop for McElroy fusion equipment and machinery, with a comprehensive range of equipment available for sale and hire. PSAH is ready to meet your specific project requirements, and is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction – from the initial sale, to ongoing after-sales service.


The expert team at PSAH Engineering is highly skilled in an facets of general and structural metal fabrication. Whether you’re in need of small-scale repairs or have a large-scale project, PSAH can handle your metal fabrication requirements with precision and efficiency. With a comprehensive knowledge of industry standards and a deep understanding of the importance of structural integrity, the engineering team at PSAH is ready to delivery high quality and timely solutions tailored to their customers’ needs.

Drone Services

Specialising in delivering high-quality, georeferenced imagery and mapping, the team at PSAH can revolutionise the way you plan, manage, execute and evaluate your drone-related projects.

With services ranging from aerial survey and mapping to aerial asset inspections, PSAH Drone Services utilise their expertise and cutting-edge technology to meet the diverse and complex needs of their customers.

Training and Recruitment

In addition to their extensive engineering and drone service offerings, PSAH is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). They provide first-class training and assessment in the welding of Polyethylene plastic pipelines, as well as reaccreditation courses. The organisation’s head trainer is McElroy certified, with over a decade of experience in this area.

Check Out Their Diverse Offerings

With an unwavering dedication to quality, PSAH provides a broad range of services designed with the pipeline industry in mind. PSAH provides one-stop shopping for all of their clients project needs, from equipment rental to servicing and spares. Their committed team of professionals are committed to providing unparalleled assistance and guidance; guaranteeing that customers projects progress efficiently and effectively.

Why Partner with PSAH?

Choosing PSAH for your engineering, drone and pipeline needs means working with a business that values client happiness, dependability, and quality. The success of PSAH is underpinned by their:

High Quality Products: In order to maintain the highest standards for quality and performance, PSAH acquire their products from leading producers.

Outstanding Assistance: PSAH's experienced staff are committed to providing quality service and support to ensure their clients find the best solutions for specific projects.

Excellent Value: To make sure customers get the most out of their investment, PSAH offer competitive pricing on all of goods and services.

Expansive Experience: With years of experience in the field, PSAH have the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently take on even the most complexed pipeline projects.

Speak with Pipeline Supplies and Make a Hire Now!

Are you prepared to see for yourself what makes PSAH unique? Explore your pipeline, engineering and drone requirements & realise the potential of your projects by getting in touch with PSAH today!

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