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Dreamtime Kullilla-Art

Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues, rich narratives, and ancient Indigenous heritage at Dreamtime Kullilla-Art. Located amidst the scenic beauty of Redcliffe Peninsula in Moreton Bay, the family-owned Indigenous art gallery and retail store offer an unparalleled journey into the world of authentic Aboriginal artistry.

Discover Ethically Sourced Treasures

Explore our diverse collection of ethically sourced products, thoughtfully curated to showcase a blend of treasures at fair prices. From intricately crafted keyrings, tablecloths, and laptop bags to artisanal coffee cups, jewelry, and traditional boomerangs, our selection embodies a rich tapestry of Indigenous artistry and cultural artifacts, perfect for gifting or cherishing.

Meet Aboriginal Artist Michael Connolly

Step into the creative sanctuary of Dreamtime Kullilla Art Gallery and meet resident artist and proprietor Michael Connolly. With deep roots in the Kullilla and Muruwari Tribes, Michael infuses his artwork with a unique cultural perspective, enriching the visual and performing arts landscape. Renowned as Munda-gutta Kulliwari, meaning 'you know me before you see me,' Michael's creations resonate with authenticity and heritage.

Explore Our Indigenous Art Gallery and Studio

Embark on a cultural odyssey within our gallery space, where Michael or our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the narratives woven into each artwork. Encounter the works of contemporary Aboriginal artists like Stephen Hogarth, whose deep connection to country infuses his paintings with profound meaning, and the late David Miller (Munuyar), whose artistry transcends time.

Immerse Yourself in Aboriginal Culture

Experience the heartbeat of Indigenous culture with captivating dance or didgeridoo performances by Michael Connolly, or join us for a bush tucker workshop or cultural walk. As a revered Indigenous leader, educator, and artist, Michael invites bus tours, schools, and tourist groups to engage with Australia's rich cultural heritage.

Group Aboriginal Cultural Experiences

Michael Connolly, a recognised Australian Indigenous leader, educator, artist, and didgeridoo performer, offers immersive Aboriginal cultural experiences for bus, school, and tourist groups.

Contact Dreamtime Kullilla-Art

Unlock the Essence of Indigenous Art and Culture Experience the essence of Indigenous art and culture at Dreamtime Kullilla Art.

Phone: (07) 3880 1320

Website: Visit Website

Email: info@kullillaart.com.au

Address: Unit 1/ 349, Macdonnell Road, Clontarf, 4019, Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia

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