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Car Carrier Bodies

At Anybody Car Carriers, our vehicles are designed to be ready for immediate use and easy to operate. Built tough and user-friendly, we guarantee our structural build for 10 years. We offer 2, 3, and 4 car carrier combinations, each with a range of optional extras to customise your car carrying experience to suit your needs and business. Our 4-car units feature a hydraulically operated top deck that enhances safety by allowing all vehicles to be secured while you remain on the ground. This top deck is controlled by a power pack with a push button located on the side of the cab frame, again, operable from the ground. The semi-circle or moon-shaped ends enable these 19-meter rigs to make nearly 90-degree turns. The two-car trailers are supported by a single axle with SAF airbag suspension, which allows the air to be dumped and the trailer to be lowered, perfect for vehicles with low ground clearance. All car carriers are sandblasted and finished with 2-pack paint.

Customised Tray Bodies to Customer Specifications

Our skilled team at Anybody Car Carriers can design and build tray bodies tailored to your business requirements while adhering to all ADR standards. We use high-quality Australian-made steel to produce tough and durable tray bodies that can withstand the often harsh conditions of Australian roads.

Chassis Modifications – Extensions & Reductions

Sometimes, the cab chassis you purchase isn't the right length for your truck body requirements. We can modify the wheelbase to either extend or reduce it to suit your needs. Our modifications ensure that the wheelbase retains the same integrity as the original chassis. All changes are evaluated by an engineer, and a modification plate is issued upon completion.

Body Changeovers

If you have a custom-built body that fits your needs perfectly but the truck itself is old and worn out, we can help. Instead of building a new setup from scratch and facing long wait times, we can remove the old body and fit it onto a new truck. We even offer refinishing services with paint so that your setup looks brand new upon delivery.

Repairs and Maintenance

Your truck works hard, and sometimes maintenance can be overlooked. We offer repair and maintenance services to minimize downtime and keep your truck running smoothly. Whether it's welding broken rungs on your ramps or steps, we can often handle repairs while you wait. Just give us a call before you come in so we know to expect you.

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