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Soulful Mother Journey - 8 week Workshop

February 6th at 9:15am
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Are you tired of not being seen and valued as a Mother?

It’s time to embrace motherhood with confidence, balance, and love to create a stronger bond with your children that will contribute to a more conscious and harmonious family.

While learning techniques to manage your children's behaviour is crucial, the key to lasting change lies within you. It's time to pause, delve into your inner world, and rediscover your authentic self.

Event Description:

Through this 8-week workshop, Adri Branco will guide mothers like you on your journey of self-discovery, empowering you to embrace your motherhood with confidence, balance, and love.

Through personal development, spiritual reconnection, and the strengthening of the divine feminine within you, you’re able to create a stronger bond with your children that will contribute to a more conscious and harmonious family.

There is a different way to go through motherhood where you deserve to be seen. You deserve a life with joy, more flow and more confidence.

Come and embrace your light within, break free from your shadows, and regain the True Mother and Woman within you.

When: Workshop will run for 8 weeks, every Tuesday from February 6th until March 26th, from 9:15am to 11:15pm

Where: Studio Lomandra, in the heart of Samford Village.

About the workshop:

Discover a Profound Shift in Your Mothering Journey!

Unveil a transformation beyond the surface.

  • Embrace a New Perspective: Delving deeper than mere strategies, our journey focuses on unlocking your inner alignment. Until you address your triggers and reconnect with your core, old patterns will persist, hindering your growth as a mother.
  • Nurture Your Inner Sanctuary: Empower yourself with tools that transcend behaviour management. By nurturing your inner world, you'll naturally foster a harmonious connection with your children, creating space for authentic and meaningful interactions.
  • Transform for a Lifetime: Experience a profound shift that extends beyond temporary fixes. Investing in your inner growth will pave the way for sustainable change, forging a new path towards conscious and fulfilling motherhood.

Join us in this transformative journey of self-discovery and redefine your approach to motherhood. It's time to liberate yourself from old patterns and cultivate a nurturing environment rooted in your inner harmony. Embrace the transformation that awaits!

What you will learn:

Reclaim your value as a mother and a woman

Strengthen the bond with your child and co-create a greater family connection

How to have a motherhood with more flow

Understand the source of your emotions and how to deal with them

Know how to work with your negative inner beliefs

How to heal the wounds of your inner child and have more harmony at home

Special Bonus:

All participants of the in-person program will also receive additional on-line material. This will provide you with additional resources, tools, and support to further enhance your growth and success as a mother.

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