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Pasifika Vibes Festival 2024

Strathpine and Petrie
May 6th at 8:30am
from $2.00

Join Us in Celebration

Pasifika Families Inc. cordially invites the community to be part of this magnificent cultural showcase. Pasifika Vibes Festival 2024 is more than just an event—it's a vibrant celebration of diversity, an opportunity to connect, and a platform to strengthen the bonds of our unique community fabric.

Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, and joy at the eagerly awaited Pasifika Vibes Festival 2024, slated for Monday 6th May 2024. Hosted with pride by Pasifika Families Inc., this year’s theme, "Nothing but Positive Vibes," encapsulates the festival's mission to offer an enriching celebration that showcases the best of Pasifika cultures through captivating traditional performances, exquisite cuisine, and masterful craftsmanship.

Bring your picnic essentials and immerse yourself in a day of cultural richness and togetherness. Presented by Pasifika Families Inc, supported by the City of Moreton Bay and the Queensland Government, this festival is a must-attend event for cultural enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this unique celebration of Maori and Pasifika heritage!

A Vibrant Cultural Exhibition Awaits

Prepare to be dazzled by a dynamic array of performances as the Pasifika Vibes Festival 2024 becomes the stage for the diverse and vibrant diaspora of the Pacific Islands. Experience the storytelling prowess of various cultures through dance, where each movement narrates tales of heritage, resilience, and communal joy. From the
pulsating beats of the Pacific drum to the elegant poise of traditional dancers, this festival promises a spectacular exploration of the rich cultural fabric of the Pasifika people.

A Culinary Odyssey Through the Pacific

Food enthusiasts, rejoice! Pasifika Vibes Festival 2024 is set to take you on a gastronomic voyage that celebrates the intricate flavours and dishes unique to Pasifika cultures. Indulge in a sumptuous spread of island delicacies and contemporary culinary creations that promise to delight your palate and unite us through the universal language of food.

Interactive Workshops: A Hands-on Heritage Experience

Beyond the sensory delights of dance and cuisine, the festival offers a unique opportunity to dive into the world of Pasifika craftsmanship. Engage in interactive workshops where you can learn and participate in the traditional arts of weaving, carving, and more. These sessions are a bridge connecting the past with the present, offering a hands-on experience to appreciate and preserve the invaluable skills and traditions that form the cornerstone of Pasifika identity.

Festival Highlights

  • Opening Ceremony with VIPs and Elders
  • Live Music and Cultural Dance Performances
  • Children's Village with fun activities
  • Food Village featuring Maori and Pasifika cuisine
  • Art & Craft Village showcasing local artisans
  • Workshop Village with cultural demonstrations

Event Snapshot

Date: Monday, 6 May 2024
Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Location: Pine Rivers Showgrounds
Entry: $2

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