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Creativity through my lens - Arana Hills

Hills District
August 1st at 9:00am
Free Entry

In his interactive exhibition, Creativity Through My Lens, Roee Elisha shows how photography can become an inspiring tool which triggers creativity - from compelling images which spark the imagination, to artistic photos that serve as a storytelling tool; from eye-catching shots which boost communication skills, to creative shooting techniques that trigger mindfulness.

He believes that each one of us has a unique life story and perspective. What connects between us is authenticity, and what attracts us the most is originality.

He further explains, “The image hosts the fingerprint of one’s unique perception and imagination. Thus photography can become a great tool to develop creative skills, while connecting with people."

For more information on how you can develop and explore your creative skills through digital photography, join international freelance photographer Roee Elisha for his Creativity through photography workshop at the Arana Hills Library on Saturday, 6 August.

About the artist: A geographer, photographer, storyteller, life coach, and inspirational speaker, Roee holds an MA in Environmental Studies and a BA in Geography and Human Environment, from two of the leading universities in Israel. He was born and raised in Israel and now lives in Brisbane, Australia along with his wife and three kids.

For a living he helps people use their creativity to inspire their life, change direction and reach breakthroughs. In the past six years he has helped hundreds of individuals, from kindergarten teachers to cyber experts and businessmen to become problem solvers, flexible thinkers and creative team players. He offers a range of programs: From exciting prerecorded online courses and thought-provoking coaching to inspirational talks and creative photography workshops.

Free. No bookings required. Image credit: Tamar Gat.

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