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Arrival Australia - Redcliffe Entertainment Centre

July 29th at 7:30pm
from $49.00

2023 marks 20 years since the conception of ARRIVAL - Australia’s Leading ABBA Production.

Starting out as a trial run at a small local bowls club in Brisbane, the ARRIVAL team (then called Dancing Queen) nervously wondered backstage if the show would go well, or if anyone would be on the dance floor! 20 years later they have entertained tens of thousands of adoring ABBA fans and are still Australia’s most authentic replication of the original group, ABBA.

It has also been 18 months since ABBA announced to the world via youtube livestream that they are back together. 2 new songs were initially released and instantly had millions of views, going viral on social media platforms worldwide and hitting the top 10 charts in over 20 countries. A new album followed on November 5, going to Number 1 in Europe, and was nominated for 4 Grammy awards. If that wasn’t enough, ABBA built a stadium right in the heart of London that is now running their new “ABBAtar’’ show (the first of its kind) that commenced in May 2022. It doesn’t get any bigger than this!!!

ABBA’s incredible genius and timeless music have proven this Swedish super group is here to stay for centuries to come. Never in the history of popular music has a group or artist been relived in such an astounding way from one generation to the next, aided by releases such as ABBA The Movie, Muriel’s Wedding, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, the Mamma Mia musical and Movies, ABBA Singstar, the ABBA museum, and the ABBA Voyage ABBAtar Show.

The phenomenon lives on halfway across the globe through ARRIVAL - Australia’s Most Authentic ABBA Production, half a century later as they showcase the perfect recreation of ABBA as they were live in concert. The show is based on the three most significant live performances of ABBA - 1975 as they toured the folk parks of Sweden, the nation-stopping tour of Australia in 1977, and the infamous Canada/Wembley tour in 1979. We are so excited to now add a fourth live ABBA concert recreation to our show - 2022!!! ARRIVAL are arguably the first show worldwide to perform the new hit “Don’t Shut Me Down” (first performed in Queensland on September 17) as well as all the hits you know and love.

The ARRIVAL team have study in detail every magical note, fabulous harmony, stunning costume, unforgettable dance move, and even mannerism of ABBA to bring you the most authentic ABBA production available on the market today. Their constant dedication and passion continues to set the precedent for ABBA shows all over the globe.

The most brilliant “ABBA - Live On Stage” experience continues to ensure the fabulous music and magical vocals of ABBA are presented as never before, featuring an international line up of some of the world’s finest musicians and entertainers, full choreography, spectacular costumes, and brilliant production.

ARRIVAL really is the most breathtaking ABBA show that will leave you screaming for more!! It is the only choice for the closest experience to ABBA you will EVER find that provides tasteful quality entertainment for all ages.

Don’t miss ARRIVAL - ABBA As They Really Were!

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